Never again lack of content ideas

Many ask themselves the “one question”: what else can I post besides my selfies and sales-heavy posts about my products and services?

Here’s the problem with that: if you focus on yourself, people will turn away. Focus on them, and they’ll give you their attention.


20 post-series ideas inspired by:

1. your customers
2. your industry
3. your team & you
4. your products


Build trust by helping your customers before they are even customers.

  • Find out their FAQs and create posts with solutions to them.
  • Find out their objections and create posts that address them.
  • Mistakes customers make when they work with you.
  • Find pitfalls from your industry that customers could easily avoid.
  • The most common complaints and what you’ve done to minimize them.


The best ways to outperform your peers and build your authority.

  • Share a list of valuable resources pertinent to your work.
  • Disprove myths from your industry and show how not to do it.
  • Your Business 1×1. Explain the basics as simply as possible.
  • Simplify your industry terms and help your clients understand them.
  • Share some fun facts from your industry.

Team & Personal

Help your target audience get to know you better and like you.

  • Show what kind of person you are in private
  • Introduce someone from your team and what their role is.
  • Share books, quotes, podcasts, people, and YouTube channels that impact you.
  • Share why you do what you do and how you approach your business.
  • Share lessons, mistakes, changes, and defining moments that have shaped you.


Make sure your customers are comfortable with your services and products.

  • Disprove myths about your services and products
  • Present your favorite projects in an interesting way (process, before/after,…).
  • Share the benefits of your service. What do your customers get out of it?
  • Share quotes or funny memes related to your business.
  • Share “Did you know” posts about your products and services.
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